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Laurine A. Bermudez – Albany Attorney

Laurine A. Bermudez, Esq., Albany family law attorney

Family Court, Child Custody & Court Appointed Law Guardian

Laurine A. Bermudez, Esq.
New York State is home to Ms. Bermudez, where she has been practicing Family Law in NY Family Courts for 7 years. She one of Albany NY’s few bilingual, English-Spanish Speaking Family Court Attorneys. As a mother of 3 children, Ms. Bermudez is especially passionate about protecting the best interests of children.

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Family Court Lawyer
Legal Counsel for Kriss, Kriss & Brignola, LLP,  Ms. Bermudez offers Legal Repesentation to clients facing Legal Separation, Divorce and Child Custody in the Family Courts of New York in Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Columbia, Ulster, Warren and surrounding counties.

Adults struggle through the process, however it is often the children’s lives that are impacted the most. Child Custody and Child Advocacy are the areas where Attorney Laurine A. Bermudez, Esq. has focused her legal career.

Legal Separation and Divorce forever changes the lives of all involved parties. With Legal Separation or Divorce of a marriage that includes children, child custody must also be addressed to the mutual agreement or to the satisfaction of New York State Family Courts.

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Child Custody, Visitation and Child Support
Laurine A. Bermudez, Esq. is an advocate for children, acting as a Court Appointed Law Guardian in New York State  where she and her husband raise their 3 children, and where she is actively involved in church and various ministries.

“I chose this area because the family is vitally important as a societal unit and one of the most important areas of law. Practicing family law allows me to assist, educate and advocate for families and children in navigating emotionally sensitive family issues and ensure that they obtain the best possible outcome for the given circumstances.”
- Laurine A. Bermudez, Esq.

The Law Firm of Kriss, Kriss & Brignola provides comprehensive Family Law legal counsel, including topics related to child custody, family visitation, child support and sensitive topics related to the best interests of the children amidst a family separation, divorce and other events.

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