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Albany Divorce Lawyer

The Albany Divorce Lawyers of Kriss, Kriss & Brignola have represented Family Law clients throughout every phase of marriage, legal separation, and divorce, enabling them to provide proactive legal counsel to preemptively address distribution of marital assets, businesses and licenses, property, debt, alimony and spousal support, should the marriage fail.

Divorce Lawyers
Representing Legal Separation and Divorce Clients in Albany and the entire Capital Region of upstate New York.

No one ever marries expecting to divorce or have to address child custody in the Family Courts of New York. However, the legal implications of Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Marriage, Legal Separation, Dissolution of Marriage and Divorce, are more easily navigated and significantly reduced when interests are expressly protected, represented and recognized by the State of New York.

When a marriage ends, all involved parties (husband, wife and children) are deeply affected. Divorce can be a very traumatic event, no matter how amicable or hostile the involved parties may be.

The Albany Divorce Lawyers of Kriss, Kriss & Brignola, LLP have many years of experience in helping clients solve the highly personal challenges of marital separation and divorce ethically, effectively and efficiently.

In New York State, you must establish cause, or grounds to file for a Divorce, which may include:

  • Adultery
  • Abandonment
  • Constructive Abandonment
  • Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
  • Decree of Separation or Separation Agreement(s)

Legal Separation and Divorce can become a very lengthy process in the State of New York. For the best possible outcome, you may benefit from Legal Counsel experienced in the investigation, evaluation and distribution of marital assets, businesses and licenses, real estate property, marital debt, bankruptcy, spousal support and alimony.

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